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Body Massage Parlour in Mysore

A body massage helps in relieving one from stress or physical body pain. Professionally trained people do this job and the results are amazing. You should look for massage packages in Mysore. Our massage parlour offers interesting discounts if you book more than one massage sessions. With the hectic lifestyle that we have, we need to relax our body and rejuvenate our minds and body. A relaxing massage session is what you need to invigorate yourself.

What Happens in a Body Massage Parlour in Mysore?

In a massage session a therapist will work on the body with a certain pressure. Based on the technique of massage the therapist uses hands, feet, elbows, fingers, knees or a massaging device to massage. There are more than 80 different techniques and types of massages available. Here are some different types or techniques of massage that are available at our body massage parlour in Mysore.

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It is known as An Mo in Chinese and there are further different categories of massage that come under it. For instance in Tuina massage the muscles are stretched and pushed and it helps in improving the flow of positive energy in your meridians whereas in ZhiYa the acupressure points are pressed to relax your body and get rid of any pain.

Using five different types a therapist can massage lightly or vigorously as your body requires. Those suffering with arthritis of knees, joint problems or other types of body pain have known to show huge improvement with continuous massage therapies. Studies reveal that Swedish massage is also effective in reducing back pain and uplifting the mood of an individual. Our Swedish full body massage in Mysore will make you feel free from all stress and will relive you free back pain.

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Thai Massage is known as ‘Nuadphaenboran’ in Thailand where the technique is known to have originated. The therapist focuses on the energy lines of the body. The blockages in the lines are improved and the flow of the lymph and blood is stimulated throughout the body. Thai massage is best for people who experience fatigue and muscular pains. All types of joint pains are also reduced in this type of massage improving the flexibility of your body. Our Thai massage center in Mysore offers Thai massages for both male and female.

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This is a very unique massage therapy and involves massage with the body submerged in water. The water is set to a certain temperature and the therapist stretches, moves limbs and massages while the body is immerged in water. This form of massage is used for deep relaxation and other therapies which include anxiety and stress management.

There are several other techniques of massage available. You can contact our local spas and ask them for details. Remember to visit our body massage parlour in Mysore as our trained therapists are aware of the various techniques of massage.