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Body Massage in Mysore

Massage therapy has countless benefits on our health while it can amazingly enhance the cardiovascular health as well. Heart disease is a very common issue this day that is killing half of the population. While there are several reason of heart attack or heart failure, blood pressure and tension are the main reason of that. And the good news is that our body massage in Mysore can help your heart health greatly thus eliminate the need of going to a doctor every now and then. This part is discussed in more details here.

Massage and Heart health- The result

Body massage has significant positive impact on the heart health and this is been proved through several studies as well.

1. A recent study showed that people who suffer from congestive heart failure can be benefitted greatly through the back body massage in Mysore. The massage lower the anxiety level in men while it also enhances the oxygen saturation all over the body thus helps us stay fit.

2. Another study has shown that regular massage can lower the blood pressure level, heart rate and the inflammatory markers thus affect the heart health positively.

Too much of tension and high blood pressure are the main cause of heart disease such as heart failure and heart attack. When we face a very stressful situation, our brain reacts to this situation by triggering the release of cortisol and adrenaline hormone. Those hormones help us fight that situation by enhancing the heart rate, shortening the breath and tensing the muscle. But this has a bad impact on the overall body. These hormones if released in too much amount can cause fatigue the body which in result affect the cardiovascular system as well. And this eventually leads to bad heart health. But a massage can alter the picture entirely.

How massage can improve heart health:

1. Our massage in Mysore can help you greatly. A good massage enhances the release of feel good hormone endorphins and lowers the release of cortisol and adrenaline level. Thus massage help us stay fit mentally and physically both. It reduces the anxiety and effect of chronic stress on the entire body.

2. Massage stimulates the nerves ending thus allow blood to circulate all over the body effectively. This also lowers the blood pressure level and the heart rate which is actually good for heart health.

3. All the tight muscles are loosened through a good all over body massage. It also enhances the blood circulation thus eliminates the chances of stroke causing clots.

4. It alleviates the anxiety before and after the surgery procedure.

So, visit our body massage parlour in Mysore and get a full body massage to improve your heart health.

Massage is gentle, safe and it has no side effect at all. So, all can try this very effective method to control their stress and anxiety level which is actually the cause of several small and severe diseases. Anyways, in case you have experienced congestive heart failure and have low blood pressure level, just contact once with your physician and then go for the massage.